18 May 2013: The confirmation of Queen Margrethe II’s eldest grandchild, Prince Nikolai, in Frederiksborg Palace Church. The confirmation was overseen by the Royal Family’s confessor and personal priest, Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen. Among the attendants were: Prince Joachim, his father; Countess Alexandra, his mother; Prince Felix and Prince Henrik, his brother; Princess Marie, his stepmother; Martin Jørgensen, his stepfather; Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, his paternal grandparents; Christina Manley, his maternal grandmother; Nicola Baird, his maternal aunt; Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, his paternal uncle and aunt; and Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, his paternal cousins. All five of his godparents: Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex; Crown Prince Frederik; Nicola Baird; Peter Steenstrup; and Camilla Flint, were also all present. After the reception, the proud grandparents, Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, hosted a luncheon at Frederiksborg Palace.

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