I am truly so disappointed in Helen Rappaport tbh.

Yes, Russia’s Lost Princesses is really shitty in terms of information (no new information and they’re basically making it seem like Nicky and Alix loathed the girls which is disgustingly wrong) but PLEASE DEAR GOD watch it for the amazing footage of the girls. Good quality and u g h. And also watch it for Prince Michael of Kent. He’s always worth watching things for (*cough* En kongelig familie – which is the best royal documentary in the world *cough*).

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s alphabet ()
 C for Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland

Open letter to King Philippe of Belgium:

Your Majesty,

Posting pictures of a bucket filled with water and then nominating people does not count as successfully completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We need videographic evidence.

Best regards.

P.S. When the fuck are you and Mathilde coming to Denmark on an introductory visit? I FEEL ROBBED OF A VISIT, YOUR MAJESTY. WHY HAVE YOU ONLY VISITED NORWAY AND SWEDEN, THAT IS DISCRIMINATION.

P.P.S. You could potentially make the children throw water all over you, I am sure they would enjoy.

» Princess Estelle of Sweden will start preschool on 25 August 2014

On Monday 25 August, Princess Estelle will start the Ur och skur-pedagogy kindergarten Äventyret (“The Fairytale”) in Djursholm, just outside of Stockholm.

On this occasion a photocall will be held and the Crown Princess couple request for the media to henceforth respect the family and the other children’s privacy.

2011 + 2014

crown princess victoria of sweden, queen of bows

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s alphabet ()
 B for (royal) Best friends

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein of Jordan steps down as President of FEI, the International Federation for Equestrian Sport, after two terms to focus on her family and her humanitarian work in Gaza. Her statement reads:

To fulfill my commitments to humanitarian work and to raise my children with the time to love them seems truly overwhelming; it is clear to me that I cannot in good faith promise to give my all in each of these areas while also continuing to be the hands-on President that the FEI needs and deserves.